Global markets are more interconnected than ever before, and a business can no longer rely on building relationships with customers alone to weather the coming changes to the worldwide production marketplace. The effects from last year’s supply constraints are impacting every sector with increased prices and fabrication times for everything from lumber to tooling. In the past, a manufacturer might count on increasing capabilities through hiring for an extended shift or bringing in extra equipment.

But even labor is feeling the squeeze after the turmoil from last year’s global shutdowns. Just recently a client told us how they can’t even find the labor to run the machines they have, let alone new ones to increase capacity. This is a standard refrain we keep hearing all over the industry. Uncertainty often breeds necessity and we have always believed in the potential of automation. Advancements are being made literally every day and there is no more apt description than to call it an arms race of automation.

Take the example of Hyodong. Machined out of Yeongdeungpo Korea; in recent years Hyodong has leapt ahead of much of the industry with their innovative Robot Exchange System on their line of bolt and part formers. The above video of Hyodong’s HRNP-518 can only show so much, but to see it in action really brings home the idea that this is the future of manufacturing. A process that used to be measured in hours can now be measured in minutes. It’s not hard to imagine the possibilities that this kind of increased efficiency can bring to a business, not to mention the increased quality from unrivaled reliability.

The conventional wisdom today is that all this volatility is only temporary. But we don’t believe the smart manufacturer blindly trusts conventional wisdom. There is enough uncertainty in today’s climate to know you can’t count on the same industrial and employment policies tomorrow. Cinco has spent over 40 years in the manufacturing industry and is invested in helping your business gain the tools it needs to succeed. Contact us to see how we can help arm your business to win the automation arms race.

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