June 29, 2021

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What can process monitors do for your shop?
Author: Jesse Maga
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It goes without saying that in the fastener industry, when a company invests in a new machine it is an understatement to say that machine will be around for a while. It is not unheard of today to see a factory floor with a seasoned Waterbury or Hartford that’s been around longer than most operators. Of course, just because a company doesn’t want to treat some of it’s most reliable assets as disposable doesn’t mean that it doesn’t care about quality.

That is why we’re excited about the solutions Helm Instrument Company brings to the fastener industry, and specifically the TMG-1200 Cold Heading Monitor. These blue boxes have been in the industry for a number of years, but we still nd customers that are unaware about these powerful, compact, and affordable machines. The TMG-1200 can be retroactively installed on all machine types from single blow headers to multi-station formers, and with an amazing array of features, they are at a price point that doesn’t cost as much as the machine they monitor.

With just two frame mounted proximity sensors, the monitor can easily assess short or long misfeeds, cracked or broken inserts, fractured or rotated transfer fingers, double hits, dropped slugs, and, most importantly, increases in machine motor load.

It should not be enough that parts are protected, but your assets should be protected as well. This is what a quality process monitor can buy a customer. Even the best operators can’t watch everything all the time, and with the entire industry at max capacity, prolonged downtime resulting from unplanned repairs can be devastating. That is also why Helm Instruments' unprecedented service coverage nation-wide. Cinco is proud that we always put our customers first, and for that reason, we are proud to o er Helm’s line of process monitors as our number one solution to fulfill your needs. You invest more than just money into your business, but a process monitor should still not cost as much as a cold header. If you want to see what has us excited for this partnership, reach out to a representative with any questions you may have.

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