Helm Instrument Company

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Helm TMG-1200 Process Monitor

One compact monitor for all machine types – from single blow headers to multi-station formers.

  • Detects separation gap to within .00004 inches (1/1000mm) at speeds up to 1200 SPM.
  • Three detection modes in one standard system – no extra modules or sensors are required for different machine types.
  • Adaptive learn and Trend analysis operating modes – each with high and low alarm function
  • Bar graph display shows positive or negative deviation between sensor and target.
  • Alarm limits are automatically adjusted. No complicated programming required.
  • High and low deviation setpoints are displayed at all times.
  • Includes three separate parts counters – preset, batch and actual
  • Built-in alarm detects decrease in RPM for early indication of problems with machine motor.

Applications for the Cold Heading Monitor

  • One die one blow
  • One die two blow
  • Two die three blow
  • Multi-station headers
  • Boltmakers and nutformers