Cinco at Wire 2018 Dusseldorf Germany

This year the Wire show in Dusseldorf Germany was held April 16th through April 20th.  Mike Maga and Cindy Maga participated as sales agents for Saspi and Hyodong machinery as well as Jenn Tai Feeder Bowls.

Saspi exhibited 2 machines in Hall 15.  One of the machines was a High Volume GV3-20 thread rolling machine which was fully motorized for industrial and aerospace applications.

The second machine was exhibited for the first time.  This was a Model DOM-16 Double operation machine capable of Shave pointing, drilling and broaching in a single pass.  The product size range of this machine is M4 to M16. The machine is mainly focused on the aerospace industry and is a direct competitor of this type of equipment with faster production speeds and quicker changeovers.

The Hyodong Booth in Hall 15 featured a Model HBP-615 Bolt Former, which is a 6 die machine with maximum diameter of 15mm.

The machine was exhibited with a variety of options such as an S.P.S System, Slow start system, impact cutting system as well as a Linear Feeding system.  The K.O. adjustment was done by motor Drive.

Check out our pictures from the show.  Please contact Cinco Industries if you have any questions or any interest in any of our products.




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